Parent Diversity Advisory Council (PDAC)

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Focused on student achievement, the mission of the Parent Diversity Advisory Council is to positively impact the academic achievement of a diverse student population through school-
specific outreach efforts and initiatives that focus on and directly address disparate academic performance.

Our History

Founded in 2002 as a result of a parent fo-rum held by the school district with parents and staff members in relation to diversity issues.

Our Role

· Facilitate monthly conversations to share best practices, address issues of diversity, discuss opportunities and collaborate on school-specific efforts
· Act in an advisory capacity to principals
· PDAC liaisons at every building
· Host annual World Café event for all building administrators and PDAC liaisons

Our Focus

· To acknowledge and address challenges to academic excellence for all.
· Students: The ability to conduct the business of learning
· Families: The ability to support their child in the education process.
· Staff/Administration: The ability to conduct the business of teaching.


PDAC embraces partnerships with families, students, administration, staff and community to ensure the learning environment satisfies the needs of all students in District 204