Steck PTA is excited to introduce our newest opportunity to raise funds year-round for our school:

Coca-Cola Gives

The best part is that the donations don’t come out of your own pocket.  This program works by taking the product codes from your Coca-Cola brand purchases and turning them into cash donations.  100% of the funds raised are donated to Steck!  Donations add up quickly, so be sure to tell friends and family about this great opportunity.  Start entering or sending in your codes TODAY!

There are two EASY ways to participate:

Send Codes to School:

  1. Collect codes from select Coca-Cola products
  2. Send you codes to the PTA by dropping your codes in the PTA bucket (send them to school with your student) or by emailing them to
  3. Earn money for Steck

Enter Codes at Home:

  1. Collect codes from select Coca-Cola products
  2. Click here or copy into your browser
  3. In the “Search School” enter “Steck” and select our school from the list
  4. Click Sign Up/In to create an individual account
  5. Enter you codes and earn money for Steck


Click here to see the full list of participating products

Click here to see how much each of your codes is worth

Thank you for your support!